About Us

Flame brings together a team of professionals Рpsychotherapists, counsellors, energy psychologists and psychiatrists Рwho are committed to holistic thinking and practice. Their experience is diverse and they synthesise teachings and practices that fill the gaps between mind, body and spirit, integrating them into a holistic framework that forms the solid foundation of Flame.

  • Our practitioners are fully trained and accredited by their relevant training bodies, with years of experience working with individuals, couples and groups, and expertise in dealing with a wide range of issues.
  • Psychiatric consultations are available by appointment.

Ruthie Smith

Ruthie Smith

Founder of Flame, formerly a Principal Adult Psychotherapist within the NHS, Ruthie now works full time at Flame as a psychotherapist, teacher, trainer, and supervisor. She has trained professionally in different psychotherapeutic approaches, including AIT, Jungian, Psychoanalytic, Attachment-based and Energy Psychology therapies. She holds a particular interest in the neurobiological links between mind and body, subtle energy, and has also taken inspiration from eastern philosophy and practice which informs her understanding of psycho-spiritual development, transpersonal therapy and energy healing.

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