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What I share in this blog today is from Raquel Spencer’s work,  as I rate her method of energy protection highly . By clicking on the link below you can connect directly with Raquel and receive  her energy  transmission, mailings and updates about her work 

For those of us who struggle to keep our energy vibrant, the following SPHERES OF LIGHT visualization from Raquel Spencer is one of the tools I use  to help maintain my  energy field and keep it clear from  getting drained by others – click on the link just here to be taken to this wonderful tool for  awakening

A photo of outer space

These days the energy that is around is very powerful and people  – especially people who are sensitive and empathic – can easily become overwhelmed by the energies of the ‘mass collective’. 

We are constantly being bombarded  by a variety of energies – some of them not so pleasant, such as the energy from satellites, microwaves, cell phone towers, computers, let alone other people’s energy.  Our energy may get zapped after being in a crowd of people and we may end up ‘taking on’ others’ energies without even realizing it.

These outside influences can really negatively impact our energetic fields causing fatigue, headaches, low energy, feeling spaced out, and more.

I have found that Raquel Spencer’s protocol is really effective and makes a positive difference to my life. This is not to say that we need to ‘protect ourselves from negativity’ in a superstitious kind of way. Such  an attitude only serves to  re-enforce dualistic judgments of ‘good’ and bad’.

Radiating out love to all beings is the most helpful way to maintain our energy fields. However, we can also consider that using Raquel’s ‘spheres of light’ is  like taking an energetic shower to keep our energy fields ‘clean’.

Since we are the creators of our life we  have the ability to significantly decrease the effects that outside energetic influences have on our lives. We can do something to positively impact our energy fields, avoiding getting bogged down by the denser energies surrounding   – such as from the news and choosing instead to connect up with the higher vibrations of love, joy, gratitude and peace.

Raquel’s simple technique, known as ‘Spheres of Light’ is fun to play with and when followed regularly  it really takes care of our energy in a positive and powerful way, with ease and grace… while making it fun at the same time .

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