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Ease and Grace and setting an ‘Intention’…

Setting an intention about ‘Knowingness and asking and receiving’.With thanks to Holly Marwood and The Council of Orion, sending Greetings from Mount Shasta and Sandi Radomski. When working with Energy Psychotherapy we speak a lot about ‘setting intentions’.  Since the heart felt space of intention holds a vibrational frequency 60 times more powerful than the vibration which comes fromContinue Reading


THROUGH CONNECTING WITH THE UNIFIED FIELD OF INFINITE POSSIBILITIES Over the last decade there has been a major re-construction going on as we release all the ‘old’ stuff from this decade and the Piscean age. It is as if we are ‘re-modelling’ our ‘home’ on planet earth.  We can see this clearly all around usContinue Reading

Quote of the day…

‘When the roots are deep, there’s no reason to fear the wind…’ Anonymous Continue Reading

Happiness shared…

‘Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.’ -BuddhaContinue Reading

Autumn Equinox Retreat.

The equinox is a time to restore balance. This retreat offers a period of withdrawal from the busy-ness of life, so you can reflect and replenish in a calm and energising setting. Autumn brings many beautiful changes in nature and noticing the changing rhythms in life will be part of our focus. It is alsoContinue Reading

Nhs petition…

I just signed the petition “Keep our NHS out of US Trade deals” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name and forwarding this to anyone you can think of. Simply click the bold text for link… Our goal is to reach 1,000,000 signatures and we need more support. You canContinue Reading

Ascension Process

Our process of ascension – of learning to connect with and embody higher states of consciousness  – can be as slow or as quick as we choose, determined by how much we prioritise this in our lives, and  maintain our focus, openness and intention to do so. In order to maintain some activation of GammaContinue Reading

Continuing on Superconsciousness…

As we continue on the path of Awakening, I have found it incredibly helpful to be open to listening to the messages from our galactic brothers and sisters who are here to help us on planet earth and are able to help us in this process of raising our frequency. Many channels are bringing throughContinue Reading


ACCESSING AND MAINTAINING OUR ‘HIGHER’ CONSCIOUSNESS – THE SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS  “Please remember that it is the frequency of your consciousness that sets the frequency of your creation. You are moving into the creation of New Earth, so the frequency of your consciousness needs to as high of level as possible”                                                                            Dr Sue Mortimer, Message from theContinue Reading


A number of spiritual teachers have been giving “planetary updates” to help us understand a little more about the chaos going on in our world. Judy Sartori, Micheila Sheldan , Galexis and Raquel Spencer are giving similar messages, so this blog shares some of my understanding of the new information which has been coming through.Continue Reading