Continuing on Superconsciousness…

As we continue on the path of Awakening, I have found it incredibly helpful to be open to listening to the messages from our galactic brothers and sisters who are here to help us on planet earth and are able to help us in this process of raising our frequency. Many channels are bringing through information  and energetic transmissions from the higher frequencies of such groups as the Arcturians, The Plaeidians, The High Council of Orion and other higher dimensional groups of beings who are pouring their love and guidance onto the planet for those who are receptive to receive assistance with their ascension. I use my intuition to guide me as to which information I wish to connect with in terms of listening to ‘what feels right’. It is good in such instances to request that one only connects with the highest frequencies from source energy.

I have found  the guidance from the Arcturians brought through by Dr Sue Mortimer helpful as a way of focusing on how to access and maintain higher states of consciousness:

 “Please remember that it is the frequency of your consciousness that sets the frequency of your creation. You are moving into the creation of New Earth, so the frequency of your consciousness needs to be as high a level as possible.”

We are creator consciousness and we are all manifesting things all the time. The higher our frequency the easier it is to manifest good things in our lives. Nonetheless, despite setting intentions for living in a higher frequency consciousness, maintaining this in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our 3 D lives can be challenging. In order to stay in ‘high vibes’ – those of love, joy, compassion, gratitude and peace – we may find ourselves being called to change our lives in many ways and to let go of aspects of life which pull our consciousness down to 3D-based beta waves and the negativity of the ‘group soup’. 

Accessing Gamma wave frequencies – which vibrate at a very high resonance – helps us to connect with our super-conscious, but though we may intend to follow our spiritual interest, our “habit” of being third dimensional may pull on us to “get back to the real world”, dominated by beta waves. However, the point is that as creative beings, we are creating all the time. This is real, we are creating our life NOW.

It is when we are in the NOW that we can be receptive to the super- conscious. In this state of being, the eternal moment of now is beyond time and space, and we are open to receive flash after flash of Gamma Waves. As these high resonance waves sweep across our brains, transmutation naturally occurs, since Gamma brainwaves connect our third dimensional brain with our Multidimensional Mind – our super-consciousness. 

As before, we will continue this discussion…

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