Over the last decade there has been a major re-construction going on as we release all the ‘old’ stuff from this decade and the Piscean age. It is as if we are ‘re-modelling’ our ‘home’ on planet earth.  We can see this clearly all around us with the systems – political, religious, with our bodies – and so on – going through radical transformation and personally many of us have been going though roller coasters of change. This process has also been painful for many as the new high vibrational light shows up the shadowy aspects which need clearing up. In the process of the rebuild, humanity is ripping the walls down, so there is and has been a lot of debris at this stage in humanity’s evolution – known by many as the ‘ascension’ process.

 The Universe

Many perceive that in the greater scheme of the ‘divine plan’, the Piscean ‘experiment’ failed – the dream went wrong and Piscean age has now ended. The Aquarian age has brought in the heart- felt energies of the  ‘divine feminine’ and  it is said by many that we are entering the greatest Golden Age we have ever had, where we ascend from homo sapiens to homo luminous and can create much more fulfilling lives.

As we enter this amazing new decade of the 2020’s and raise our consciousness we can collectively help bring about positive new change. I was thinking about one method in particular for raising our vibration, ‘the Universal Sphere’, a teaching from Ishtara channelled by Holly Marwood, which emphasises the importance of our thoughts and intentions being directed towards ‘solution’ focused energy. One reason why the ‘Universal Sphere’ excites me is because it is simple, accessible and easy to use.

NB In case you wish to discover more about the Universal Sphere teachings, the Soul Genesis website, (Holly and Paul Marwood)  offer a range of interesting processes:

The ‘Universal Sphere’ is one of a number of contemporary ‘quantum’ tools which work beyond space and time and help us connect with the high vibrations and infinite possibilities of the ‘unified field’. The unified field is the all-that-is – ‘source’ energy – which is one with our divine nature.  I feel that the ‘Universal Sphere’ is akin to what in the ancient wisdom teachings is known as Dzogchen, or ‘The great perfection’.  Dzogchen is a universal wisdom which speaks of the vast expanse and precedes quantum theory by a few thousand years while at the same time completely fitting the quantum paradigm. Characteristic of Dzogchen is the idea of instantaneous accomplishment within the unified field — ‘instantaneous, as soon as you think of it’ is one of the lines in a Dzogchen meditation practice.

There are ideas to consider when we connect directly through the unified field to Source and manifest with our ‘creator’ consciousness.


When we are able to connect with the consciousness and pure awareness of our higher self, or soul, we enter into the expanded ‘space of being’ – the ‘unified field’. Here, we experience a state of balance, peacefulness and as- it -isness – a connectedness with the all. This state of being is beyond thoughts and concepts, in the world of energy, and an experience of it changes our vibration and our entire world. From this expanded space of consciousness it is easy to effortlessly transform our inner world, and as we do so, the outside world starts to reflect these inner changes.

The more and more that we connect with the vast spaciousness of the unified field of ‘all that is’ – and experience our limitless expansiveness – the more our reality constantly shifts and we become accustomed to the limitlessness. This in turn brings us to the next level in our ascension process, a benign cycle of expansiveness and creativity.

A wonderful aspect of the ‘Unified Field’ is that it is a field of SOLUTION energy – in Dzogchen this is described as all accomplishing infinite space which contains all possibilities – both those we can imagine and those beyond imagination. What brings the possibility of fruition is intentionality – our desire and aspiration. So, in this ‘unified field’ where we experience ‘unity consciousness’, new solutions to seemingly intransigent problems simply manifest. We simply ‘tap in’ to this field of infinite potentials and combinations of circumstances,  which gives us a wider range of possibilities and decisions that we can make!

To tap into the unified field, we need to connect with our soul, with the motivation of  doing this for the ‘highest and best good’, (even though we may not consciously know what the best outcome is.) As it says in the ‘Twelve Step’ programmes  ‘Let go and Let God’.  Whatever our particular focus happens to be – whether we are seeking for transformation in our home, or for health, or for a relationship or a job –  even if we don’t know what the highest and best outcome is, rather than  operating from ideas about how it ‘should’ be, we feel the love and the divine connection and trust that the ‘universe knows best’. This requires an element of faith that something good will happen.


Energy follows thought, and so all the time, we are manifesting what we think about.

  • As we dream into the unified field of all possibilities, we connect with  ALL THE POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS – following the adage of ‘As I dream so it is’   our energy is empowered.
  • We put out to the universe: this is my dream – make it happen – and then we EXPECT that all the relevant people and circumstances will just ‘drop in’ to the field to make our dream manifest.
  • In the unified field of possibilities, we DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE DOUBTS of can I/ can’t I? In this space, the lower vibrations simply drop away and dissolve.
  • So, the discipline for us all is TO APPLY MINDFULNESS TO FOCUSING ON THE SOLUTIONS rather than on the worries, and TRUST that the solutions are there.
  • This is a very empowering way of being and THE MORE WE DO THIS THE MORE WE DEVELOP TRUST, and experience the beneficial results.


“Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream.”  Lao Tzu.

Fear is ego’s tool to limit us and keep us under its control. A general tendency to ‘fear or worry’ is usually an indicator that we are coming from our egoic minds, (unless we are experiencing ‘signal anxiety’ which is a helpful form of guidance alerting us to danger). But generally speaking, when we get stuck in negative thinking about an issue, instead say, ‘I wonder what it will be like if? . . . .’ and then imagine a good experience. This more open outlook of curiosoity helps us shift from the mind to the heart. There is more lightness in this approach and the worries tend to dissolve away.

When we look for a very specific out-come we may be limiting ourselves. So, it can be helpful to set an intention for a form of ‘experience’: I am looking to experience  . . . . (for example) – freedom, joy, happiness.

When we focus on a quality in this way e.g. I am patient, I embody patience – the other unhelpful pieces are just dissolved away.  It can also help to visualise the experience with all the relevant senses – for instance, if you are excited about the arrival of a  new puppy this goes beyond words to an immersion into the  experience –  of smell, sounds, visually , emotionally, spiritually, everything.

A good intention always names things in terms of the solution – e.g. rather than saying I AM ABLE TO GET OVER THESE BLOCKAGES – it is better to name something like I AM FLOWING THROUGH LIFE WITH GREATER EASE AND I SEE THE PERFECTION IN EVERYTHING.

 When we offer up the outcome for the highest and best good, then a solution we hadn’t been able to imagine can manifest.

So simply – to manifest in the unified field of all possibilities, we FOCUS ON THE END RESULTS – the solutions, what we desire – and then TRUST. And then we keep our eyes open to what occurs and TAKE ACTION when we perceive there is a need to do so– and everything falls into place.


As stated earlier, a feature of the unified field of infinite possibilities is the prevalence of SOLUTION ENERGY. The unified field knows that there is always a solution out there, both in the physical and in the energetic space, even if our egoic mind doesn’t know how we can achieve the outcome. We need to go beyond the mind and it’s limiting beliefs. When our awareness shifts and allows us to go beyond the conclusions and assumptions of the limited mind, as soon as we TRUST the solution energy, miracles can happen, and we find there is a solution to everything.

3 D thinking is: – there is a problem and I don’t know the solution.

5D outlook: – there are infinite possibilities and there is a solution to everything.

Miracle territory brings ease and grace into things so we can relax and enjoy the journey.


  • Our cognitive egoic mind is designed to protect our bodies and is concerned with survival rather than with our spiritual guidance.  Our mind is largely pre-occupied with our past or future experiences and struggles to be in the present. As a result we often re-create past problems in the present. 
  • However, instead of replicating what Freud termed ‘repetition compulsion,’ we can re-programme our neural pathways so that we transform our vision and manifest the lives we desire.
  • Our open and awakened heart, and our pineal /pituitary axis (sometimes termed the ‘third eye’) are frequently spoken about by ‘way showers’ as being the primary vehicles for connecting to our higher self/ soul, and the ‘unified field of infinite possibilities’. This is what William Linville calls ‘universalis’ – our ‘creator consciousness’.
  • The knowledge that flows through us via our heart and soul enables us to make decisions beyond the conditioning of our past, or our fears for the future.  
  • It is only when we are fully present in the moment that we can be connected with the universal field, and live following the guidance from our heart and soul.
  • Meditating by visualising light, or consciously breathing with the intention of opening the heart and third eye centres can help us to open them. I also find conscious breath with intention is the simplest and easiest method for instantaneous connection with our higher levels.
  • An experience of unity consciousness and the unified field of infinite possibilities has an impact on our human form at every single level – our physical form, all the way down to the minute particles and beyond the realm of the 5 senses.
  • If we regularly use various methods available to us to raise our consciousness and increase our connection with the unified field, we gradually find ourselves living our lives from a higher state of consciousness. Our awareness will keep shifting and we find that magic, miracles and limitlessness become a part of the flow of our everyday lives, greatly enhancing our experience of life and bringing through the 5 D gifts into the ordinary reality of the 3 D world


Ruthie New Year 2020

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