Ease and Grace and setting an ‘Intention’…

Setting an intention about ‘Knowingness and asking and receiving’.
With thanks to Holly Marwood and The Council of Orion, sending Greetings from Mount Shasta and Sandi Radomski.

When working with Energy Psychotherapy we speak a lot about ‘setting intentions’.  Since the heart felt space of intention holds a vibrational frequency 60 times more powerful than the vibration which comes from cognitive thought.  
When we raise our vibration  – itself  part of the ascension process of awakening  –  life happens more smoothly and ’in the flow’. I was therefore delighted to come across Holly Marwood’s channelling from the ‘Council of Orion’ and am including the link to this so you can access this work directly yourselves, as Holly offers really helpful practical wisdom from such channellings.

I have made a summary  and added a few of my own  comments, and have included Sandi Radomski’s five sentences  from ‘Ask and Receive’.‘ I KNOW’.
In  the 3 D  existence where we live in the  egoic world of struggle, we are only too familiar with the  ‘hard work’ and effort to ‘get there’ – we think things through, have a plan,  and then employ ‘effort’ to achieve our goal. However when we operate from the higher vibrational state of heart felt intention and knowing, we do not need to detail how our plans will come about. We just ‘ know’ and trust  that everything will work out for our highest good.

This is a wonderful way to set our INTENTION where we already ‘know’ that all is well. When we affirm that we already know that all that we need is already in the field within which we exist, we find ourselves tapping into ‘the right thing’ very easily. From this place, our ‘inner satnav’ guides us,  so when we are choosing which direction to take, we sense the feeling of  a ‘yes’ and the feeling of ‘no’ very easily without needing to second guess things or worry about whether we have chosen the right path – we just ‘know’.
So, if we get into the habit of thinking I already know how to navigate this experience –  and begin to  affirm that I know what I need to know, it is all within my reach, within my field – we are opening up the field to allow things and solutions to come in easily.
From this ‘higher’ vibrational perspective  we aren’t needing 3 D ‘evidence’ and logical conclusions and linear plans.

How does this look in practise in the way that we live our lives?  
When we  feel – if I know the right thing to do, would my pathway look like this? – or radically different? our uncertainty and doubt can sometimes de-rail us . However, it is  also fine sometimes to be in the space of ‘not knowing’ – it can take time for the pendulum of our decision to settle until we really know we have arrived at the right thing to do. 
However, we can make the process easier if  we begin our day with I KNOW. These two words automatically help to align us and  bring ourselves into a field of natural trust, confidence, peace and clarity. These two words alone –  I know – or I know with something after it –  are affirming that that knowledge, experience or information is already there for us.
From this perspective, we don’t need a  logical, cognitive approach  – the knowledge naturally starts coming when we start from the position of I know. Simply affirming that I know ALREADY – what is the right thing to do , say and be, for me in my journey and my experience – helps us.
As we tap into this energy of knowingness we expand the ease and the grace and the flow in our life.

Sandi Radomski and Tom Altafer’s Ask and Receive 5 sentences,  provide a wonderful tool for setting our intention which, used regularly, naturally affirm this positive trajectory in our life:

Sandi has given me permission to share Ask and Receive with you – you can find out more about it on her website.
Any one can do her training and I thoroughly recommend it – it is enormously helpful. 

The Five Sentences:

There is part of my being that ALREADY KNOWS HOW TO ___________. That part of my being is willing to inform the rest of me now.
It is doing so now with grace and ease.
My mind, body and spirit are receiving this information.  
Information transfer is now complete. 

If you then add your intention, for instance, to want to be calm and centred – the phrase would look like this.

There is part of my being that ALREADY KNOWS HOW TO e g feel calm and centred. That part of my being is willing to inform the rest of me now. It is doing so now with grace and ease. My mind, body and spirit are receiving this information that I am calm and centred. Information transfer is now complete. 
The Universe
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