“…invoking and energizing the energy of HOPE is really incredible and powerful… its a very high vibrational energy that will create a huge amount of movement in your life.”

  As we approach this Total Lunar Eclipse on 20–21 January 2019 there will be a ‘Blood Moon’. Let us light a candle at this time to offer hope to the world, when it appears to be in so much chaos.

Someone dropped by to see me today saying how depressing it was with all the challenging news and chaos and corruption being exposed in our world. In the last blog, I mentioned how hope  was important in 2019 and the  visit of this man reminded me about an email which popped into my mail box and which seems timely to share. Essentially,  the message was this:

“It’s a new year for all of us on planet Earth where there is a renewed energy of excitement, of enthusiasm and hope. Hope is a very strong, potent, transformational energy that as we activate and invoke it, as we look for hope

in our lives, it is literally an expanding energy, that can help us move through situations and challenges, and find  the next level of where we want to go, and how we want to be in the world.

As we begin this new year of 2019, discovering what we feel hopeful about can be really powerful and energising. This isn’t the same kind of  hope as, I’m hoping these things happen as if we’re just waiting for things to happen. “Hope” as an active energy in our vibration – it is positive, confident, and inspired. And hope is a very open energy field that allows us access to more that’s available in our field.

Just feel for a moment the energy of hope. You can even just say to yourself, “I am hope. I have hope. I experience hope.” And feel what that does to our breathing, our mind, the energy in our body and our awareness. Hope is a very potent, vibrational field to invoke.

When we begin something new, or when we want to be more consistent in our thoughts and actions so we can move to a higher level of functioning, hope is a powerful energy to activate. We have an opportunity in every single situation we find ourselves in –  whether it’s one that’s really powerful, inspiring and exciting  or whether it’s a challenging situation –  if we call on the energy of hope, we automatically shift the energies to a greater level of potential than what we had previously  – we feel that we and everything is in alignment  and  on track.

Hopelessness: And to make this point stronger, what would be the opposite of hope? It could feel like being stuck, or feeling there is no hope, a feeling of contraction and shutting down. It could be a hopeless situation. There is a very limiting and finite aspect to the energy of hopelessness, and when we feel a situation is hopeless this means we have drawn a lot of conclusions. One doesn’t want to put any energy into the situation because we feel that its going nowhere. We might say “This situation is hopeless, so I’m going to abandon it” or if we reach a point where a relationship feels hopeless, “It’s time to move on.” When things are without hope, we generally move away from them.

So the idea of invoking and energizing the energy of hope is really powerful.  At the beginning of a new year we often feel hope more strongly so it is helpful to ride this wave of hope applying it in every single area of our life, particularly the areas where we would like to see more growth, change or progress. When we invoke the energy of hope, it is an expanding energy of movement that can allow us to anticipate the things that we may not yet know, it opens things up.
We can be hopeful just to be hopeful. We can invoke the energy of hope regardless of our knowing, needing to know, or having an idea of, or deciding what the outcome needs to be. Hope is an energy that’s very high vibrational that will create a huge amount of movement in our lives, that will create a huge amount of movement in our lives.

We see and feel the difference in ourselves when we hope. We see that confidence and  feel a sense of empowerment. We experience a sense of surprise and wonder as we work with the energy of hope. So let us bless ourselves with the energy of hope.  ”

This blog summarises a message gratefully received from “The Council of Orion”

Light a candle for hope

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