The New Year.

2019 Integrating our souls into our bodies embodying our light in physical form.

Contemporary spiritual teachers are saying that the new and very high vibrational energy of 2019 brings profound hope and healing. Essentially, humanity is learning to integrate our souls into our bodies – embodying our light in physical form – transforming slowly from homo sapiens to homo luminous.

Up until now, during our journeys of awakening’, for many years (and lifetimes) we’ve been doing our work, clearing out all the old energy – healing the negative patterns and limitingbeliefs that we have held about ourselves. We’ve judged ourselves harshly for our sensitivities, worked to untangle our family conditioning and ancestral lineages, and have warred with our egos. In the process of clearing this dense energy, wehave used the past few years for our bodies to gradually become more acclimatised with higher vibrational frequencies ,as our DNA is being upgraded and we develop our crystalline light bodies. In all of this we have been in the process of learning how to love ourselves unconditionally.

So 2019 is a time of deeper spiritual integration as our human self, soul, and the Universe comes into balanced grounded harmony through the power of 3. (In numerology, 2019 adds up to 12, which then adds up to 3, the number of the Holy Trinity.)

We are all light workers, empaths and Earth angels ‘ – and as a result of our work as we enter 2019 authenticity feels increasingly important we are also more allowing and better aligned with our souls and to the new energies of 2019.

One of the many ‘wayshowers’ or spiritual teachers on our planet says about 2019:

2019 is where our deepest soul’s essence and highest life purposes emerge in awareness with synchronistic support from the Universe to bring our dreams to life. Matt Khan

Naturally our role in 2019 continues to involve lovingourselves – not because there are so many things left to clear,but so that through self-love we expand our energetic field,and refine our alignment with the higher waves of energy thatare entering our planet. We have come to a time where we can begin to feel and know our true worth and value within a Universe that supports our intentions, accelerates our contributions and helps us re-create our reality as CreatorConsciousness.

The higher vibrations – of love and above – enable us to create lives which are nourishing to our hearts and fulfilling to our souls. Even though pains, heartaches, hardships, and symptoms still linger, the vibration of love that we can all share in bringing to the world, is beginning to make a real difference to ourselves and to our planet.

May we all enter 2019 grateful to be alive – as it says in traditional teachings Joyful to have such a human birth, difficult to find free and well favoured. This is a time of honouring our soul’s infinite expression and expansion as we gradually awaken into the long-awaited Ascension timelines of 5D – quantum or unity – consciousness.

The Dharmapada, an ancient wisdom text says that we create our reality with our thinking. The Dalai Lama reminded us that rather than dwelling on uncertainties and anxieties about war and world conflicts, it was more helpful instead to Visualise world peace”. So, let us set our positive intentions for 2019 and for what we would like to see happenimagining a beautiful earth with clean air and clear waters, and a peaceful, prosperous world.

The ‘awakening’ of our consciousness is all about embodying our love and listening to and following the promptings of our hearts. We exist in a world filled with friends, family and things we know and love, and as we view our reality from a more heart-centred perspective, life increasingly unfolds with grace and ease and it becomes easier to manifest our dreams.

So what are your dreams for 2019?

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