Individual Counselling, Psychotherapy and Couples Counselling at Flame in London offer ways to deal with feelings of dissatisfaction with which people struggle. Unhappiness, being depressed, worried, or feeling empty, anxious or confused, with no sense of enthusiasm or vitality – all these feelings provide us with a prompt that there is something important that needs attending to and we owe it to ourselves to listen to these feelings. Work, and relationships with others are also key areas which can become problematic, and we often cope by developing self-sabotaging or addictive behaviours. In whatever ways our emotional challenges present themselves, there comes a time when we have to stop looking outside ourselves for the answers. 

“He who looks outside dreams; he who looks inside awakens” Carl Jung

A consultation

helps you to explore what is troubling you, and which one of our therapies is for you.

  • psychotherapy or counselling
  • couples counselling
  • energy therapy
  • a private psychiatric consultation

Through psychotherapy and counselling we become more conscious and aware of who we are and what forces are driving us. This empowers us to make needed changes. If you would like a consultation at Flame please contact us here or on 020 7928 2752,to arrange this. We offer a range of fees and, on occasion, there a few lower fee spaces available for individual work.

Personal Development

At Flame in addition to consultations and therapy we offer residential meditation retreats in Norfolk to further personal development. By connecting with the heart of our being – with our inner guidance, the source of our innate wisdom – we are ready to take things to the next level. By so doing we can arrive at a happier, more contented and satisfying life, aligned with our life’s purpose.

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