Yellow Heart Trust Bursary

Yellow Heart Trust Bursary

 Providing Trauma Treatment in conjunction with the Yellow Heart Trust

The Flame Centre, an association of psychotherapists, counsellors and psychiatrists offers short and long term therapy with a particular specialism in working with trauma using the latest energy psychology methods. We accept referrals and self-referrals for both short term and long term therapy.

Do you offer a service for those on a low income?

In partnership with the Yellow Heart Trust we offer a specialist service to those with financial restrictions who cannot afford the full fee for our therapists.

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from men and women who need further help with issues relating to single incident post traumatic stress disorder (eg: for those coming to terms with an assault, road traffic accident or natural disaster).

How does the process work?

After an initial assessment at the Flame Centre, a two page form is completed by you and your therapist to apply for funding from the Yellow Heart Trust. Once this has been approved you will then be offered a course of therapy which will typically be time-limited, once weekly therapy of 10 sessions. Clients are asked to make a modest contribution towards this.

For more details and to book an assessment contact Ruthie by email:

“The Yellow Heart Trust is delighted to have become a strategic partner with the Flame Centre to help with the inspiring work that is at the heart of the Centre’s mission. I sincerely hope that deserving applicants will benefit from the financial help that the Yellow Heart Trust can provide, particularly for those suffering from issues related to addiction and/or trauma.” From Philip Robinson, Director of the Yellow Heart Trust. 

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