Ascension Process

Our process of ascension – of learning to connect with and embody higher states of consciousness  – can be as slow or as quick as we choose, determined by how much we prioritise this in our lives, and  maintain our focus, openness and intention to do so.

In order to maintain some activation of Gamma Waves, Sue Mortimer reminds us that we need to meditate on a regular basis because when we do so, we connect up and are open to receiving a higher dimensional perspective. There are many ways to meditate, so find the form which suits you.  The more we are able to connect with the Gamma waves of our super-consciousness, the more we are able to view our 3D life from higher and purer states of consciousness. From this more elevated perspective, we are able to see how we can draw down parts of our higher dimensional life into our earth-bound consciousness – bringing our souls into our bodies  and becoming fully embodied with our light.  As our consciousness evolves and our brain waves in daily life link with the creativity of alpha waves, we develop more refined discernment. Our perception becomes clearer, and increasingly we become more conscious of our energy fields and thoughtforms (thoughts that are impregnated with emotion) as they flow through our reality.

If we chose the ‘higher path’, the Arcturians advise that one of the most important changes we need to make in our life is to ensure that we fulfil our creative energies every day. Even if we have to “steal” a few hours from mundane tasks, we need to find time to be within the flow of our own creative energy field.

When we do not embrace our creativity it is only too easy sink back into the Beta Wave consciousness of the third dimension and become “addicted” to activities which do not serve us well. This “addiction” involves denying our self the wonderful emotional feeling of being creative. People often complain Why don’t I allow myself to spend time doing the things I most enjoy? I have been guilty of this myself. Although I know that music wakens my energy, and opens my heart and soul, when I am busy with other things, to my detriment, I often neglect to sing and play music. 

When we become “addicted” to the 3D model of life, it takes a long time to accomplish things and we have to ‘work’ hard. However, in the fifth dimension and beyond, there’s NO time and NO hard work. It is helpful if we learn to ‘bless ourselves free’ of the old habits of getting stuck in the 3rd dimension  – for example, by  sending unconditional love, and ‘Blessing Free ‘any lower frequency energy fields. Once we have blessed them free, we can easily let them go. We will also gain greater clarity on the parts of our life that make us feel wonderful.

Deep inside, when we are connected with our soul and heart we hear the voice of our super-consciousness which knows that we are the creators of our reality. When we remember and learn to choose these positive frequencies in our lives it is much easier to maintain higher states of consciousness. Within the NOW of the super-consciousness, we realize what it is that we want. We need to remember this so that we can make more conscious choices.

The first thing our higher perspective self asks is, “How do I create a peaceful, calm and tranquil life?” We have the immense power and freewill to choose. It is a question of remembering to remember that our perceptions are dependent on the state of our consciousness and to choose to be aware specifically of:

  • What specific components of our 3D life do we wish to give up?
  • How can we release those components to create a more peaceful and calm life?
  • How can we activate our higher states of consciousness and what are we doing about this on a daily basis?
  • How we can connect with our Multidimensional Mind?
  • Do we regularly and consciously ‘tune in’ and connect up to accept the higher light entering our Pineal Gland? 

It is also helpful if we allow our higher, more creative brainwaves into our brain by dedicating our self to:

  • Activating our alpha brainwaves by the awareness of and dedication to our own creative energy field.
  • Activating our theta brainwaves by meditation and active communication with our soul or Higher SELF.
  • Allowing our delta brainwaves ( when we are in deep sleep) to integrate our perceptions.
  • Taking responsibility to stimulate the high frequency gamma brainwaves by dedicated meditation, compassion and unconditional love.

Mindfulness in daily life helps us maintain these intentions and thoughtforms so we can be aware of and identify the components of life that lower our state of consciousness. We are constantly making conscious choices about where we place our energy, so it is useful, without judgment, to recognise specific persons, places and things that lower our consciousness, and knowing why this is so. When we choose to activate our higher states of consciousness, it frees our creative force, creating an open portal between our 3D brain and Multidimensional Mind. It is also helpful to remember to consciously choose to experience the higher light entering the Pineal Gland (third eye).

When we invite help and input from our Galactic Family in the NOW, we can work as one to create these kinds of healthy thoughtforms of New Earth. The Galactics and Celestials will most certainly answer our calls as they are one with us in a higher dimension/frequency of reality.

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