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I recently listened to a webinar advising about the benefits of Sunghite at this time, so I began to do my own research, and as a result purchased some myself and am using it regularly in my drinking water. The following are the results of my investigations.

Here follow few notes from myself, and then an article which I quote moreoreless in full. Please do your own research – I am just sharing what I have discovered but I am no expert so please always follow your own guidance on what is right for you.

Today we are facing an epidemic of electro-sensitivity. When smart metres were widely introduced not so long ago, we began hearing stories of perfectly healthy people becoming ill. Some argue that these 5 G emissions are a type of ‘frequencies warfare’ which is being
used by negative technologies who have no regard for the well -being of humanity and nature. Much has been said about Covid 19 in relation to EMFs and 5 G in particular.

Many are advising us to resist this 5G technology which is inimical to life – but if it is going to continue, we need to make our bodies stronger against it.

Shunghite Stone

To counteract the negative impact of 5G and EMFs we can do a number of things:

  • increase our auric magnetic energy through visualisation
  • build up our light bodies and expand our field by strengthening the chakra systems to help make our light body super strong
  • use CRYSTALS –  in particular SHUNGITE


Improves immune system functioning, provides protection against EMF’s, harmonizes, cleanses and purifies,  and creates physical and emotional strength and mental clarity.

The crystal Shungite has been known about and used by the Russians for hundreds of years (Russia is the main source of supply). It is said to be the most effective crystal to mitigate and counter the 5 G frequencies so it is very helpful to have piece ( or several pieces of) Shungite close to you in your environment. It has many properties which are described in an article below, with the additional and significant bonus that it improves immune system function. The following are the often quoted benefits of the crystal:

Shungite boosts your energy, heals, relieves stress, detoxifies and purifies body and mind, protects from harmful EMFs, increases physical and mental balance

Fullerenes –  a crystalline form of carbon

Shungite receives its healing power from one of its elements, fullerenes, a crystalline form of carbon. This is highly relevant to us as humans since our bodies are carbon- based, and during this period of human evolution we  are evolving to a crystalline form

The shungite crystal consciousness  – known as AMON SHUNGEEN  – emanates from the beneficent planet Jupiter. Being an extra – terrestrial crystal, Shungite contains elements which aren’t on the earth in any other form.  

Once we connect with this crystal vibration/consciousness of shungite and use it on and around our bodies as a support,  it continues doing the  protective work for which we have programmed it.  Not least – and very significantly –  it can help counter the negative impact of EMFs and 5 G.

Apparently Shungite works by interfacing with the cells in our bodies, replicating a beneficial healing cellular pattern, an energetic phenomena which immediately communicates itself on the earth’s crystalline grid of light, giving protection against 5 G and EMFs.  It is said that when we build up and open up our own magnetic field this then in turn replicates itself throughout our light bodies.

The higher grades of shungite are especially helpful to place in water to potentise and purify it. Since out bodies are approximately 80% water this is a very important tool to use. It is said that drinking this water everyday helps provides our bodies  with powerful health benefits and  protection – as it said on the webinar I listened to “your body ‘knows ‘you have a protective ‘shungite army’ in your cells”.

There are certain other crystals  – BLACK OR DARK GREEN –  which have similar properties which also defend us again EMFS:

TOURMALINE, OBSIDIAN AND OTHER DARK CRYSTALS help and will work in harmony together.

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