Pure Awareness


Continuing on the theme of the last blog, about the differences between ego and wisdom mind, many people on the planet are currently ‘awakening’ into ‘higher states’ of consciousness – which we might term connecting up with our souls or with our ‘higher self’.

Basically according to the ancient wisdom tradition of Buddhism, our ordinary cognitive mind – our egoic mind –  is created by various causes and effects.

It is constantly changing and fluctuating so the egoic mind is not very reliable –  today we might think one thing and tomorrow we think something completely different. This ordinary egoic mind is characterised by mental chatter. It is impermanent and  reacts to changing circumstances and sensations .

On the other hand, according to Buddhism the state of our pure awareness is quite different. His Holiness the Dalia Lama describes this subtle state of consciousness as  ‘pure seeing’. When we are awakened to this innate mind of clear light, we experience our clarity and light.

We see reality ‘as-it-is’, nakedly and directly, without going through the filter of our egoic thoughts and beliefs.  This state of ‘presence’ is also known as ‘unity consciousness’,  a non-dual awareness, free from change and movement. It is an ever present primordial quality of consciousness which brings with it a feeling of  well- being and goodness, simple, pure and natural.

Buddha is also called Samantabadra which means always well. We all possess this primordial quality of divine nature. Whether we call it Buddha nature, or ‘God within’,  or our ‘Higher Consciousness, it is an experience beyond words and when we connect with it,  we recognise it and  just know it.

Our true nature never changes. It is refined and natural, the natural ground of enlightenment. We all have the inherent possibility and capacity to realise  enlightenment, the light nature of our beings.

However this light consciousness – our pure awareness – is often obscured by our conflicting thoughts and emotions. It is through cleansing and purifying these denser energies – or ego –  that we are ‘re-awakened’ into our natural state, which is one of light.



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