A number of spiritual teachers have been giving “planetary updates” to help us understand a little more about the chaos going on in our world. Judy Sartori, Micheila Sheldan , Galexis and Raquel Spencer are giving similar messages, so this blog shares some of my understanding of the new information which has been coming through.

Explosive chaos

The great “shift” started on 21.12.2012. While this didn’t catapult us straight into the glorious “golden age” which had been foretold, it did shift our whole matrix at its foundation. Since then, radical changes have been continuing, not least in terms of the higher vibrations of light pouring onto our planet, and the creation of new planetary ‘grids’.

Over the past couple of years in particular, the evolutionary energies have taken us through ‘the Great Shift’ and what we are seeing now on earth is the external chaos which results when the old crumbles and the new begins and builds.
This powerful window of change hasn’t yet closed. However, according to Galexis, the initial wave is now complete and we have a new foundation. The ‘shift’ of the ages has properly been started and what is called the ‘new reality’ – or ‘new earth’ – has now been birthed.
Currently, the ‘old’ reality isn’t quite over yet so that is what we are witnessing in the current chaos, as old institutions – our governments in particular – break down.
‘Light workers’ are emphasising that, during this period of chaos it is helpful to view it as ‘light chaos’ – i.e chaos in the service of the light, rather than getting trapped in a gloomy, doomy view of what is happening . How we perceive things is how we create our reality.
Our old reality is being deconstructed and broken up into particles and this is a necessary part of change. The old mainstream ‘template’ of thoughts, ideas and assumptions by which the world formerly operated is being broken down and rebuilt. The dismantling is allowing for something new and gradually a new ‘template’ is emerging.

Up until now we have been living according to the mainstream, adjusting to this, here and there in order to fit in. However we have often been unconscious, strongly influenced by the ideas of ‘the group soup’ put out there in the media and as a result, we attempted to adhere to the norms of the collective rather than finding our own way.

Over the past few years this collective ‘template’ has been losing its power. For those who wish to continue in that old view of ‘how things were’ (and who we thought we were supposed to be in relation to it), that is still a choice that we can make. But at this point in time we have a conscious choice to make, and we can choose differently.

We are here at a powerful point of ‘light chaos’. This is also a pivotal point in the world’s evolution and our freewill to choose is one of the creative gifts we have been given. It is said that we came to earth to play with creation, discover who we are and grow and evolve into the divine beings that we truly are.

So, to summarise the planetary update, as pieces of the ‘collective template’ have come apart and collapsed, we have now broken down the old collective template. Now in the present we have the materials and our conscious choice and freewill to create what it is that we want to create. What do we want to create for ourselves now? This process of creation starts with ourselves. As everyone exercises their power of choice we have the opportunity to build a new world. We start with ourselves and the lives we choose to build, and the values we choose to adhere to, and in the process we contribute to building a new template.
This can feel very scary, so sometimes we feel like trying to reverse back to the familiar – what we know – for safety. It is only too easy to become dragged down by the seeming outer world chaos. Galexis advises that we leave behind ‘victim consciousness’ so that we do not allow ourselves to be pulled into the low vibrations of despair and hopelessness, the
maelstrom of trauma and drama. Instead, we can choose to step into the light and luminosity and to hold our light. This is our time to choose the reality which we wish to live.
We have already evolved from how we were a couple of years ago and as we continue to grow, we can choose things which give us joy. If we embrace our expansion into the future, despite this light chaos, we are freer than ever before to create a new life, the life that we want.

We are co-creating with the divine. We have the divine spark within us – ‘god in a body’ as some say – having a physical human experience on earth. This is our jumping off point for creating a new template of living from the heart, with love, joy, fun, creativity and success.
This is a great time to find our purpose, our passion, and our life’s work, so let us live in hope and be excited to explore what it is that we really want and wish to experience in our lives – this is the time to dream and manifest our dreams!

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