“Please remember that it is the frequency of your consciousness that sets the frequency of your creation. You are moving into the creation of New Earth, so the frequency of your consciousness needs to as high of level as possible”                                                                            Dr Sue Mortimer, Message from the Arcturians.

People refer to the ‘awakened state’ in all sorts of ways.  Essentially, when we enter into the state of pure awareness beyond our ordinary cognitive mind of mental chatter we reach a ‘higher’ state of consciousness. This can only be accessed by opening our hearts or connecting with our souls  (actually these are the same thing). We call this consciousness ‘higher’ because it literally resonates at a higher vibration which can be measured scientifically in terms of the nature of the brain waves involved. For example, our everyday mind utilises beta wave frequencies, our creative mind utilises alpha wave frequencies, and the higher-conscious, gamma wave frequencies, gamma waves resonating at the highest and finest vibrations.

Some people call the ‘higher consciousness’ the ‘super-consciousness’, or ‘unity consciousness’. This state of being is an invaluable tool in helping us access living in the quantum field of the 5th dimension.  In the 5th dimension, which is the frequency of ‘The New Earth’, we go beyond the dualism of our ordinary ‘3D’ world, and have direct access to flow and effortless manifestation, characterised by ease and grace in the quantum field. We can access the super-consciousness  directly when we are connected with our souls merged with our higher self.  Our intuition is also a doorway to the space of the super-consciousness, where we are naturally connected, synchronicities occur frequently,  life is lived ‘in the flow’ and it is easier for us to manifest our life’s purpose.

There are many ways we can access the higher frequencies of our super-consciousness – and one of the most simple and obvious of these is to set our intention to connect up. When we Integrate our soul/higher self into our 3 d self we can live in the state of our super- consciousness which provides an invaluable tool to help us more easily make changes in our lives and live in a state of peacefulness and ease, with greater clarity, wisdom and balance. From this perspective, the spiritual path becomes one of accessing and retaining a high state of consciousness while at the same time being properly grounded in earthly realities.  This process is known as ‘ascension’, though the term ascension can be a little misleading, since rather than moving up, it means we bring down the higher frequencies and embody them in our human body. This is the first time in the history of our planet that humanity en masse is being able to access and embody these frequencies.

We will continue exploring this theme in our next blog piece…

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